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“Dr. Terri Bechtel is highly skilled in the art of physical therapy and every time I came through the doors of Bechtel Physical Therapy I felt safe.  I would highly recommend the whole experience.  Where else can you find healthcare with those kind of benefits?"

PENG FAN, M.D. (Rheumatologist)

"I have worked with Dr. Terri Bechtel and her associates for the past twenty years.  They have consistently delivered the highest quality of physical therapy in the city.  In my estimate Terri Bechtel is the top professional in her field."

THOMAS KNAPP, M.D. (One of the world's top shoulder surgeons)

“We love Terri Bechtel.  She is the BEST.  I can always count on her achieving the very best outcome possible for my patients.  She makes me look good!”


"Dr. Terri Bechtel is a fantastic Physical Therapist!  After shoulder surgery I was unable to move my arm and had lost considerable strength.  With her expert guidance I was able to get back full mobility and strength.  My surgeon says that my recovery has been much faster than usual, and both he and I attribute it to Bechtel Physical Therapy!"

RHONDA B., Patient

"Physical Therapy is a Godsend when you go to the right place.  I just spent six weeks working with Dr. Terri Bechtel on my ripped knee ligament.  Her care and personal touch was beyond wonderful.  She was kind, considerate and so incredibly knowledgeable and her assistants were amazing too.  Not only did she address my main issue and work to strengthen my knee but she also addressed my issues with my hip, which I will be replacing soon.  The therapy I received was state of the art!  I could not have picked a better place to heal.  Thank you Terri for all the love, care, and expertise!"
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